Weekend #2: Kdramas + Studies

So, I wanted to watch all dramas before I go back to my dorm.
(x) recent episodes of Let’s Fight Ghost
( ) W Two Worlds –i’m not ready
(x)  Cinderella and the Four Knights episode 1-2 it’s good! watch it!
( ) 38 Task Force —I…I’m not ready

Cinderella and the Four Knights
tbh, harem/school types of dramas with the whatever…weird feeling aren’t my thing but this drama is different. I know that everyone was crazy for Boys over Flowers but I wasn’t so crazy about it. This one however, is interesting. I gave off a different feel from the usual harem type kdramas or school dramas.

am I the only one who thinks Ahn Jae Hyeon lost weight or something

the female lead is the cutest, most adorable thing on earth. (sorry takuma)

Hmm I was feeling so-so with Ahn Jae Hyeon’s acting but if you just see him as that lazy guy who thinks nothing really matters–and is a big flirt/player then everything will be ok.

b5oh please. (they weren’t really engaged btw so don’t worry about that cliche)


Bonus: You’ll here SJ’s song, if you’re an ELF, you’d love it though okay, it was sung but BTOB but still.

Anyway, I don’t think I will be watching anything today. I’ll just finish my notes and return to my dorm.


Now Watching: 싸우자 귀신아 Let’s Fight Ghost ep. 9

Okay so I have 3 dramas I’m watching, including W and 38 Task Force and I decided to start with Let’s Fight Ghost since W has too much…feelings and 38 Task Force makes me so nervous ;;

I missed these 2 idiots.

This guy seriously can play the role of Kim Soo Hyun’s brother in a drama or something.
I also lowkey hate that I kind of find him cute /coughs

Look at this meme boy trying to show off his manliness.

How to be attractive 101–or not
i’m sorry but that’s just so funny 

BP1Bongpal’s officially a meme boy.


I finished the episode and am not sure what to feel with the impending drama.

Self Knowledge Results

source: http://www.thebookoflife.org/self-knowledge-questionnaire/#
Below the surface everyone is pretty complicated. Based on your answers, we think the following three traits are important strands in your personality:


You like clarity and intelligent simplicity and you get frustrated at messy thinking. This can make you seem unreasonably pushy to some, but it is actually a virtue: you are motivated by a horror at pointless effort and a longing for precision and insight into how things and people work. Your ability to synthesise and bring order is essential in producing thinking which is truly helpful.

For Rationality:


One part of you dreams of giving yourself up – perhaps just for a while – to a hero or mentor. In the right circumstances you can flourish by letting go of your ego. In your inner life, reverence plays out as a willing submission to your own conscience. In the outside world, you might get frustrated searching for something worth believing in – a country, a person, a company – but you will always be open to feeling respect, admiration and wonder.

For Reverence:


You have delicate, sensitive perceptions; you can be deeply moved by appearances – the right light in a room, or good food, or the texture of a piece of clothing. Expressive, intelligent language has a powerful hold on you; your mind works better when it is inspired and provoked by vivid imagery. It can be sad to live in a world which is often so ugly and not properly looked after. But you know that things can be otherwise, and you have the ability to appreciate the world at its best.

For Sensitivity:

I haven’t packed.

I finally got to convince my parents to let me dorm so I won’t end up being kicked out of school, yay! I haven’t prepared my clothes though. I should take a bath too.

but I’ve finished preparing my study materials for this semester, so I’m quite excited!

Also, I FINALLY finished watching Episode 4 of 38 Task Force. I have procrastinated finishing it because the golf scene was so intense, my heart finally reached its limits.

I’m thankful episode 4 ended in a “calmer” manner (lol) so I won’t have to think about it til I get back to my computer next weekend.

There’ll be no W episodes this week but yeah okay, it’s about time I focused on improving myself and school as well.

Also, I’ve fallen for 38사기동대’s OSTs. How can you NOT dance while listening to it?!

Adaptive Intelligence Test Result


This test measured the ability to recognise rules and connections between unknown and seemingly random information. This ability is one of the main component of General Intelligence and as such it can greatly help you solving problems in a wide variety of situations. Because of its generic nature this ability predicts performance in life well. Because this is a non-verbal test your results remain comparable with others coming from different language and cultural backgrounds.

Your results on this test were better than 92% of the general population (while 8% performed better than you). In practice this means that you are probably more capable of recognising rules and connections between new and seemingly random information than others and this ability can help you solving problems in a wide variety of tasks in life. With some practice on the test you can further improve both your scores and your problem solving ability in general.

yes, I feel the need to take these tests to remind myself that I’m not as stupid as I think I am

W is for Waiting

I just finished watching W episode 6, without subs because that’s how I like it. And yes, it’s a whole week before 2 more episodes and I’m crying.


I was worried the entire time but look at this beautiful, happy doctor!CRYING1

but yeah, an entire week before any of us gets new episodes. Good thing I’m also watching Let’s Fight Ghost–not to mention that I have school to deal with.CRYING2I still can’t wait for next week.